It is our utmost desire that your visit to the church should bring you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, so that His abundant promises to you may reach you immeasurably.

The Spirit of the Lord invited you here and therefore all members of this church regard you as God’s very important person. So do feel free and relaxed, no matter your situation or circumstances. Our Prophets, Prophetesses, Prayer Warriors, and Spiritual Leaders are spiritually ready and willing to support you in prayers.


The church is made up of individual members who make up the body of Christ – the family of God. Every member is important. Therefore, as an important member, you are encouraged to dedicate and concentrate yourself in worship and service with your whole heart, your whole strength and your whole body; and loving your neighbours as yourself, having been regenerated (born into the family of God). For
this reason you should put off your old manner of life and come into the new church life.

Our expectation is that you will earnestly desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:13, 13:1, 14:1) and begin to respond actively to God’s gifts which are given to expand believers capabilities beyond the created order, for edifying the church. The in-filling of the Holy Spirit is vital for your daily Christian walk. We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will open up your spiritual eye in order that you might begin to perceive what has been prepared for those who believe in Him and love Him to the utmost. Amen.