We are a multi-generational church, built on the faith of our founding members. Our mission is to see individuals of all ages, races, and economic statuses daily cultivating their relationship with God. The church is aiming at: Preaching the true word of God to all nations, Demonstrating the power of God through fasting and prayer which enables believers to experience peace in every area of their lives. Focusing more on Family which is the first church, Actively engaging the youth in the word and paying particular attention to them being our tomorrow. We also promote holiness as the key to an unbroken relationship with God and we encourage active prayer life through our daily spiritual clinic.


Our Mission

We are committed to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, promote and advance the Christian doctrine in accordance with the great commission given to us be Jesus.

Our Vision

To live with faith and to Evangelize: Winning of souls for Christ by preaching and teaching the righteousness of Jesus to both Christians and non-Christians for the salvation of all. James 5:20

What We Do

We are attempting to connect people with God locally while reaching for those have yet to hear the Gospel globally through our time, finances and prayers.