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BEWARE OF THAT INFO:- Often times, most people had lost their blessings simply because they developed a deep hatred for ‘someone’ based on the negative things they heard about him or her. I’ve seen how some people avoided, hated and ridiculed ‘someone’ they had never once had any personal encounter with, and when they are questioned why, they responded based on the what they have heard. Such it was when some people testified against Christ based on what they were told by those who plotted His death. The High Priest and his cohorts mobilized even those who had never had closer encounters with Christ to testify against Him.

So also was Paul the apostle, many of his enemies acted based on what they heard from Paul’s adversaries. Sad, many today are busy avoiding their heaven-sent helpers because they have heard some negative things about them. They had even joined hands in promoting such rumors based on bad things they heard! In their minds, they taught they are dealing with the ‘subjects’ of their attacks, not knowing they are the losers. Personally, I’ve experience this as an observer and as a victim. I’ve heard negative things about some fellow ministers only to move closer to them and discover they were just fabricated news from the mouths of those who envied them.

As a victim; I once finished a program in a church only for one elderly woman to tell me something unexpected. She told me she had listened to my messages all thru, and wondered why some people had earlier came to inform her and some mothers in the church that I used to preach against and condemn their ‘denomination’… She said that was the main reason she came to hear me preach only to discover that I am preaching nothing but the real truth which in ‘no way’ contradict their ‘denomination’ values and creed.

She prayed for me from her soul and encouraged me to keep up what I’m doing in God’s vineyard. Today, God has used the same woman to connect me to over 50 branches of the same denomination for the purpose of preaching the un-diluted word. Are you against someone all because of what you heard from some individuals? Have you needlessly developed hatred for someone you never really studied all because someone smeared him or her? You may as well be blocking you heaven-sent helper and also be committing a sin against the person’s Maker. Jesus, give us the wisdom to view people correctly, and deliver us from those who painted our helpers black before us. Amen. Kindly share…(Credit: Evangelist Tunde Aluko)

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