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PROPHETIC ENTERTAINERS:- Many are daily travelling across mountains…criss-crossing denominations…and jumping from one ‘dread-lock’ prophet to another ‘bald-head’ prophet. Why? All in the name of visions! It is an age where many see the church as a place to consults sacred men and women who are capable of viewing the invisible.

And lo, like terrestrial ants blessed with naked cubes of sugar, self-styled prophets are now everywhere! They are ever-ready to provide the much needed prophetic entertainment to millions who are hungry for nothing but visions-even those who are looking for those with third ‘eye’ to pinpoint their enemies, and uncovered the parasites eating their ‘glories’… Many had been duped, raped, and some had even paid with their lives.

Homes and marriages had been destroyed…some had ran mad…and some had been tied down by their ‘prophets’ like sacrificial goats. Prophets and Prophecies cannot exist outside God’s word. Whoever is not ready to serve the Lord but enjoys prophecies shall end up in the dance-hall of prophetic entertainers. These anti-christ prophets are ever ready to do anything for their clients…they delve into magic and employ extra-scriptural rituals all in the name of ‘ise-wooli’…and a good bible student begins to wonder where ‘occult materials/items are permitted in the Bible. But to the desperate souls, their eagerness and fire-brigade approach to get emergency solutions has veiled their minds.

The CHURCH is not a SHRINE where people ‘sneak in’ to consult demonic oracles…it is a place of worship and total submission to God. It is a place where the word of God is the only identity. And in any true church, prophecies are not given by God for entertainment, but for proper divine instructions and inspiration. Yes, it is a place where prophets only prophesy according to the Holy Spirit. Revive us oh Dear Jesus. Amen

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