BEWARE OF PROPHETIC HERBALISTS:- Just 3 days ago, a well-respected christian elder told me of his unplanned encounter with a ‘prophet’. Pronto…without any prophetic demand or consultation, the prophet told him he needed a ‘prophetic bath’ to further enhance his progress. The liquids needed for the ‘bath’ were listed to be a 25 litters of water from a flowing river diluted with the ‘blood’ of 3 white ducks. Mixed together, the man would be good to go for the special bath ordered by the ‘spirit’.

Thank God the man was scripturally sound enough to boldly reject and rebuke this satanic prophet. Many across denominations today are busy romancing the devil thru the evil rituals being promoted right inside our churches all in the name of works of the prophets -ise wooli-. Lots of things associated with magic and voodoo are being openly imposed on many christians all in the name of overcoming one challenge or the other. Incisions, rituals, and sacrifices are daily being promoted by this false prophets.

These ambassadors of hell are so determined to please Satan their master that they had left their shrines and invaded the altars! And of course they are having a free ride because real preachers of the truth are so scarce, and even just a few are ready to dare the consequences of rejection associated with speaking the raw truth. Many ‘church goers’ had been deceived into worshipping the devil right inside their denominations.

Most of these evil prophets are merely hiding behind church buildings and relics of Jerusalem’s items to promote demonic worship. Sad, there are so many people who want to enjoy the blessing of God without serving God…so they become eager clients of these spiritual vultures. Let he/she who want to make heaven flee from all these prophets of darkness and their magically adventures. Our God is not ready to accept workers of iniquities into His kingdom. We should all remembers that Christ had fully paid the debt…and if God freely gave us Christ, He can easily give us all other things. In our services to God, we should avoid all the things which can drag us to be romancing the devil while claiming we are busy claiming to be serving the Holy ONE of Israel. Amen.