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CALLED BY GOD…USED BY SATAN:- Many in ministry today have not realized that it is one thing to be CALLED by God and yet another thing to be USED by Him. Alas! Honestly, many were truly called by God, but they are at present being used by the Devil. We should remember, twelve spies were called to spy the Promised Land, however, only Joshua and Caleb were used by God as the rest ten spies came with evil reports because they used by the Devil. King Saul was called by God to be the first ordained king of Israel, but he was used by the devil till he lost the crown and died shamefully. We must not also forget that Judas was called by God, but he ended being used by the devil.

Many called ‘ministers’ today are allowing the devil to use them to fight the very gospel they were called to preach in the first place. Many of them are victims of satanic induced ENVY, HATRED and PRIDE. In fact, they are not only pulling others back from accepting the truth, they are also adversaries to the few who are boldly proclaiming the truth. Such group of ministers are actively being used by the devil as accusers of the real brethren. Fault-finders, haters of good deeds and rumor mongers…they are just weapons of destruction’s in the hand of the Devil…(to be continued…) Feel free to share.

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