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The Noisy Noise Makers

THE NOISY NOISE MAKERS:- just last week, a minister in a particular branch of a very popular denomination(name withheld) in Nigeria. The host ‘minister’ took the microphone to do his briefs in order to usher me to the podium. I was shocked however when during his ‘brief’…he boldly told the congregation that anyone who is a member of their denominations does not need to engage in FASTING and PRAYER as being practiced in other denominations.

He told them that their ‘denomination’ is under a peculiar ‘special grace’ that must work for any member anytime trouble comes. According to him in his arrogance of ignorance, the practice of ‘fasting and prayer’ is for other denominations who are not covenanted like their own denomination. I smiled in my sober mood… Yes, I smiled painfully. In my soul I wept for hundreds who gathered just to hear me preach the raw gospel but are being bombarded with this lies from innermost part of Gehenna! When I got home, I realized that the very few oracles of God who are still in circulation must pray and work harder in preaching the truth as altars across denomination are being used my these un-sent noisy noise-makers to dish out collective ‘luciferous’ heresy.

I am so sure that no God’s ordained oracle could stand on the pulpit and be attaching special grace to any given denominational preferences. NO! I looked closely at these particular ‘preacher’ however, I saw nothing but an agent of darkness, a mere peddler of lies, and a megaphone of Satan. I saw a man that does not even bother to read the bible or pray. And I saw a man who is deep into diabolical adventures. Alas, in my mission across denominations, I’ve heard some telling me that their own denomination is the only denomination enjoying ‘super-grace’ hiding from all other denomination. Unto such a devilish presumption I shook my head to witness such total ignorance of the Word of God.

The truth must spread in the mouths of the true representatives of Christ. We must continue to preach the gospel of Christ as against millions who are now preaching the gospel of denomination. We must boldly continue to tell the people to read and meditate in their Bibles. We must encourage soundness, discipline, and consecration. We must show them things acceptable to Christ. The Bible encourages us to FAST-and according to individuals ability, we should. Jesus told us in Luke 18 that we ought to PRAY always-and we should. Believers should not allow all these parasites hiding behind ‘denominational loyalty’ and religion to mislead them. Revive us Dearest Jesus. Amen.

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